Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Saying No to Pizza, A Friendly Gift, and Fat Floats!

Turned over the calendar at work yesterday.  I always love seeing the picture on the next month.  I love a cool calendar with pretty landscapes, or porches or something fun.

My friend Lisa bought me a "Enjoy the Journey Sign".  I'm going to hang it up in my home office.  She knows my desire to get an RV and travel.  She is so sweet!  

Had to snap a pic of the doggies asleep on the bed last night.  Roger was snoring with his eyes wide open and Maisy was lifting her leg back and forth in the air.  I guess she does leg lifts too.  

Monday wasn't so terrible.  I just had fears about not getting to do email until 2:30 or 3, and not being available since we had orientation and then training. 

The win of the day was not having pizza while everyone else did.  I watched people eating it off and on for two hours and just had my meal replacement bar.  Today is cleanse day too.  So a low calorie day today which is good for your metabolism.  And I can tell the cleanse works as far as helping to clear visceral fat.  Let's just get right to the point and say that the next day you can see it floating. See you thought only Hope Floats, but Fat Floats too. lol It's always amazed me.  The deep berry drink has a lot to do with this along with the metabolism thing.  When you do the cleanse on the system, you end up having talks about the poop the next day with your other buddies cleansing.  Well, just the ones you are close to.  lol  Me?  Enh, eventually I just blog about it, lol. 

Well, we had my SIL and BIL over last night for dinner and we played a game while they were here and had fun.  They came to leave a car here for their son and DIL when they arrive at the airport, they can swing by here to get the car.  We are close to the airport and also not too far from the interstate.  

Well, it's Tuesday already.  And I'm going back for more coffee.  This morning I will stop at Publix to get cake for our Awards meeting at 2 p.m. at corporate.    Much to do today paperwork wise and then must get our packets out for 401k enrollments for the July entrant date.  But it may be tomorrow before I can get to it.  

Anyway, better get the day going.  Ya'll have a superb Tuesday!


  1. I always love turning the calendar to a new month too. Good for you resisting the pizza!

  2. love your calendar. what a special sign, indeed. very nice of your friend.


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