Monday, June 3, 2019

Scales, Spinach and Pine Nuts, and Busy Week Ahead

My friend posted this, this morning, reminding me that even though my weight is not where I wanted, that I am making progress.  I've dropped down another shirt size at this same weight I've had.  So I can see that.  But I did eat fried chicken, cookies, popcorn and ate like no tomorrow and then go weigh and it was later in the day and not after a cleanse day so naturally I set myself up.  Tomorrow is cleanse day.  I'm getting better but I do have setbacks.  Hot chicken, popcorn, and spaghetti get me in trouble.  Today's test will be pizza.  I'm going to try to NOT eat it.  I need to remember my goals.  There is always going to be fattening food abounding and I always feel horrible afterward if I can just remember that and pass on the bad foods.

We had a great dinner last night.  We had pork chops, sauteed spinach with pine nuts and olive oil and then the salad I made with corn, beans, and brown rice and with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and southwestern seasoning, a bit of honey, garlic and onion powder too.  Added avocado on the top at serving.

George playing with Roger.  George got in the floor with him to be beside him.  Now that is love.  He never moves to be beside me, lol!

George posted this yesterday on Facebook.  Hilarious.  He got it from somewhere else.  

 So here we go!  Going to be a really busy couple of days with a lot going on - meetings, trainings, orientations, conf calls and I'll be out of pocket a lot.  So everyone's patience will be tested this week.  This is what happens though in this type of situation where are a lot of everyone else and only one me (thank goodness I'm not twins, lol), so it is what it is. I do have a great assistant though that keeps us floating.  I have my self-help stress reduction skills of "unhooking" and "blessing and releasing" skills to continue to try out.  It actually makes me smile when I do it. And remembering I'm not responsible for others actions and reactions but only my own.  I can give only the facts (if one can find me available, these days to even get the facts).  It's crazy.  So anyway, off to the front lines.  And I'll hopefully survive and catch you on the flip side tomorrow.  

Have a great one!

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