Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Stubborn Hair, Botched Cleanse Day, Tick, and Stupid Busy

Well, yesterday was neither remarkable or inspiring as far as my days go.  No unique discoveries about life, no true inspiration singing me on.  I was a little disappointed at days end that I'd not learned anything new, had nothing to share, and felt like a lump of coal on a hot June day. 

The morning brought stubborn hair that began to look good but just wouldn't finish up.  I began to name myself Twiggy for the hair sticking up.  It was quite humorous.  I finally put enough argon oil on it to get it to lay down.  

Cleanse day went well.  I was quiet most of the day, irritated at all the interruptions and needs and knowing all the work was coming in and there would be exactly about zero time to work on any of it.  I try to squeak by without having to tell people "yes, I'll do this for you but you'll have to wait for it".  You just say "yes" and hope they don't notice.  lol  It's a juggle.  So I just tried to be quiet, smile when needed, and forge on as fast as I could, head down, nose to the grind stone.  Is my nose sharper today?  Should be - I think it has an edge to it.  It's grounded down quite nicely I believe. 

I had gone to Publix to get our cake for service awards.  Had a conf call.  And lots of phone calls to make, problems to solve, and things to figure out. And a service awards meeting, slicing cake and serving it, taking pics and getting all the awards set out. 

 The bosses presented and I said no to cake and ice cream and went on about the cleanse day and work on my nose some more at the grindstone and then headed out to home.  

George was running late and I got home first.  Dogs were crossing their legs and so I took them on their evening walk, came in and was feeling famished, but it was time for my cleanse drink and had that at 6.  I always eat my harvest thins about 7.  I began eating those with decaf coffee and got on our team call at 7 p.m.  Fifteen minutes in our nephew Justin and his wife Ellen arrived to get their car and we went out to give/get hugs and talk to them before they headed back to Knoxville.  Ellen was leaving for the AT trail in Maine this morning so there was not much of a night for her with the drive, unpacking and repacking.  So they had to head back home hurriedly. 

Then back in the house to finish off the zoom call meeting with our team.  I'll have to go back and listen to it if I get time b/c I missed a good part of it.  They always record it.  But it is hard to get back to it later sometimes from a time standpoint.  

Then....I had an hour to do whatever I wanted.  Usually I work on the business as it is a good hour that I'm not in there watching TV with George since it's cleanse time.  And it's a great time to get a few things conquered.  Normally that hour is really productive and my mind is clear from the cleanse day and I'm very productive.  However, last night I was just like a lump of coal, as I said earlier, and I was a little "lost" in my thinking.  I felt useless.  I couldn't think well, didn't want to do anything, didn't even want to sleep.  But I finally went to bed at 9:30 and as I often do, I checked my heart rate on my apple watch and it was 50 as lay down.  Normally it is 60's.  Or even 70's if we've eaten late.  It usually goes down to 50 around midnight or even 44 I think was the lowest.  So it scared me b/c I felt like if I fell asleep, I would go down to a really low rate, like 40 or even in the 30's.  I'm not a trained athlete, so that seemed a bit low.  But as I slept I knew it would go lower.  I was afraid to sleep.  So I got up and fixed eggs on whole grain.  Then I was bad and ate a piece of corn bread and a tablespoon of peanut butter.  I began to feel less confused and my heart rate almost immediately began rising to 68 ish.  So I kinda think a low blood sugar thing was going on.  I felt great at that point and went to bed.  Looking back, I should've left off the cornbread and peanut butter lol.  

Some days cleanses are successful - most of them are.  My watch showed that I was pretty active yesterday.  I was asking my body to operate on too few calories for what I needed for the day.  Normally it's not an issue.  But my body tells me when it is.  The cleanse day helps remove the visceral fat.  Some days it works better than others.  But it's ok.  I'll try again next time.  I should have had my "hydrate drink" as I usually do sometime during the day and that would have helped.  But it was busy and I didn't get it worked in.  I drank a lot of water, but probably not enough.  So that is ok.  I'll try again next week.  I'm not bothered by it b/c I enjoyed my 10 p.m. meal and had to smile as I ate it.  I don't regret it.  I do wish I'd stopped and not had the cornbread but it was there and I love cornbread and hardly ever get it so I partook.  

(This is not the one on me, but just an internet pic.)

So the other thing going on, that I forgot to tell you, is that I had a tick and found it I think it was Sunday.  George removed it.  I kinda think I hadn't had it long but I found it after a shower and I was itching on my left side, right under where my bra would be.  I scratched and felt something that flapped back and forth and I knew immediately it was a tick b/c I've had them before - esp as a child at my Mam-ma's out the country in Spring Hill, TN. 

So this tick bite is getting redder and more inflamed and the area around it is even sore.  I have George look at it every morning as it is almost where I can't see it even with a mirror.  It's more toward my back than my side.  I also have a chigger bite I had to put finger nail polish on last night to smother.  That was itching my arm off.  My guess is I am getting this from the doggies.  

Anyway, we are watching the tick bite.  And I hope it begins to go away but it is quite sore and I don't believe I've had one that has puffed up in this way.  I put alcohol on it.  We'll see.  I'm watching for a target like area.  

I also smelled a skunk this morning when I took Maisy out.  She hurried and we rushed in, lol.  I don't need THAT for sure. 

Anyway, I have an eye appointment today and I'm glad.  I had some pain in my left eye yesterday.  I'm not sure if I strained them or what.  But I'm anxious to see if my vision has changed any.  I'm having to take my glasses off to use the computer.  I wish glasses were not so expensive.  I'd have some glasses just for the computer.   So my eye appointment is this afternoon - I have the latest appointment I could get at 3:15 I think.  I have to go to the good kind Ophthalmologist and not an Optometrist b/c of the eye history in my family with the macular degeneration an diabetes tendencies that run in my family.  So I have to keep a close eye and get the good exam once per year. 

So I guess I will be headed out to start this day.  And see what can be accomplished.  I get frustrated trying to accomplish things and get them done in the small windows of time I get to work on things.  But I'm learning to just unhook from it.  Not really anything you can do about it but just prioritize and everyone waits as they have no choice to wait til their thing can be done.  It is what it is and everyone else has to accept it just as I do.  If no one else minds the wait, neither do I.  Just grab a seat.  If they do, not a lot I can do about it.  Smile, enjoy the wait, and go on. Because it is "stupid busy".

Work as if you are working for the Lord is all one can do, and fretting over not having time to do things you need to do is not going to solve anything for any of us, turn me into a deity, make anything happen faster, or slow the clock down.  It is what it is and so it shall be and we will just have to accept it.  

And THAT was ALL SHE WROTE.  ;-)



  1. It's good you ate something before going to sleep and that your heart rate came up. I read ticks are supposed to be bad this year. Hope your day is good!

  2. It could be your blood pressure medicine causing your heart rate to be low. I was taking some that cause mine to be low before the doctor changed it a few years back.It would scare me to find a tick since I have read about all the bad things they can cause. Take care and hope you have a good day tomorrow.

  3. that hair of yours was stubborn thats for sure. hope the tick bite heals. you can have nasty side effects from them.


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