Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Success! Ding Ding Ding!

Ahhhh bless-ed be the new day with its fresh cup of black coffee.  I'm doing a k-cup this morning since I overslept. But sleep was excellent.  I turned off my alarm accidentally (on my Apple watch).  I don't think I woke up once.  I'm coming off of a cleanse day and about ready for a shake this morning.  I am going to do the Birthday shake.  

This week, I've been listening to Eat This Not That, trying to catch up on the episodes.  Such good information.  It sticks in the back of my mind.  I'm trying to get better all the time in my choices.  I'm learning a lot.

I ordered my Peach Mango cleanse yesterday.  I mean just look at the line up of ingredients.  

Got through my "deep berry" cleanse yesterday all right.  Didn't really get too hungry.  I've been watching my heart rate though b/c recently due to my new BP meds (I think) the cleanse is so calming and with the lower calorie day, my heart rate gets low.  Plus I went to the grocery and was running around here and at work too and a lot of activity yesterday afternoon.  I think that is a good thing for the heart rate to lower, but I don't want it going too low overnight while I sleep.  So I popped a few peanuts for protein.  I've heard a bit of protein at bedtime can help burn belly fat overnight.  So I ate unsalted peanuts.  I love to crack them open from the shell.  I was a happy as a bee sitting there watching Below Deck Med poppin' peanuts.  I didn't have too many.  

This morning, I was down 6 lbs from last week.  Is that not crazy.  I had to start over with my weight on the new scales.  I DID lose b/w 25 and 30 on the old scales weighing consistently on those scales.  It was always less than what the doc's was.  Now my new scales are more in line with what the doc scales are.  So I had to go with the supposed "weight gain" in my charts.  I had to realize it wasn't REAL weight gain just a change over in scales but it was a blow to the ego to have to do that.  Because of my tracking.  So I "gained" on paper due to the scale change, and I'm happy that I'm now tracking closer to normal.  

Now to not blow it out the water in San Antonio.  I will eat more - no doubt but will walk a lot of it off.  Anyway it's great to be down 6 on the new scales.  And I had to "readjust" my goals on the new scales.  So I'm below what I had planned after the adjustment on the new scales.  Sorry if that is confusing.  But bottom line is - I'm happy and on track! This means if I'd weighed on the old scales - I'd be at a new all time low!  ;-)  I should have stuck with the old scales, lol. But I love the fact the digital is tracked on the app.  It's a Renpho scale.

Here's the fam:

And I need to get going.  Gotta finish getting ready, take these dogs out and head in to work.  

I have a busy one today.  Going to get my nails done after work, then come home and make salsa.  George is fixing Stauffer Lasagna for dinner.  So...that has regular pasta in it.  Not whole grain.  I'll have to be good and not eat a lot of it.  I will likely not eat a lot of lunch today just in case.  

I also have to make my pineapple salsa tonight to take to work tomorrow.   We are having a luau at work.  With music and everything I hear.  Lovely.  Looking forward to it.  Lots of opportunities to bust my goals in the next week - lasagna, luaus, and vacation tacos! lol 

Oh well.  It happens.  It's a journey.  The goal is to eat about 85% good and 15% bad.  Well the goal is 100% but reality hits and it's hard.  So you have to realize that you will have cake sometimes or a burger or pizza.  Just that 15% though - not the 85%.  It makes a huge difference.  I'm getting better and better over time at making better decisions, dealing with stress eating, picking options, remembering tips, converting favorite foods (better options).  

Anyway, gotta go!  Take care! But I'm elated at the weeks end results! 

Success!  Ding Ding Ding! ;-)

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