Monday, June 24, 2019

The Alamo, Brewery Hops, and Eating Galore

Then a trip to the Alamo. We had time and was already nearby. Very crowded but was like Disney as the line moved fast! 

I loved the old trees!

And the gift shop providesd good a/c.  Loved these dish towels. 

Then on to The Alamo Brewery for a late afternoon brewski and there was an event going but we got a beer and enjoyed a shady spot with a breeze and some music. 

Then we drove around to a restaurant and brewery called Blue Star and got Brisket Nachos and a flight tasting.  The sangria was good after I poured ice into it! Love sangria if it’s not too sweet. 

Then back to room to hang out and rest and refresh and we pushed forth for dinner because I wanted to go back to Boudro’s where George and I ate 20 years ago. 

I got prime rib and it was good. The steak not as good of a cut this time but was really tasty and the horseradish potatoes were really good. However we were outside and even at night it was very hot and steamy and we were squished into a very tiny spot on the sidewalk. The heat and location made it less enjoyable but I was just happy to be there. We had to wait a while to eat and they got us in 30 min earlier than we thought. 

We were worn out too. We could hardly talk during dinner as we were done for! lol A quick glance at my steps showed me why. See below. But the day was not over. We took our miserable tired selves to a doughnut restaurant and ordered dessert donuts to go and waited an hour for them. We were so tired that Katy didn’t eat hers. And I only ate half of mine and the rest the next morning with coffee. 

Katy posted on Instagram and I liked our photo so saved it! 

I’ve been distraught with my hai down here! The humidity just undoes anything. I’m now at a crossroad trying to figure out what to do with it. I kept it back in combs. But if given the chance would have gone in somewhere for a short cut! lol 

Next day I could not do the free buffet. But had my shake instead. And then we headed out to Fredericksburg. And I’ll do a separate blog post on that! 

On the way to Fredericksburg. Texas Hill Country! 

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  1. I'm loving all your pictures. That was a lot of walking!


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