Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday Morning Babbling

Saw that one yesterday and had to steal it.  Wonderful!  Was a good organized and productive day and was able to get a few things done.  Today I'll get behind - well I'm already so far behind that it's unreal, but I'll be further behind today because I have a long meeting but hopefully it's a good meeting that will help us in the long run.

I came home and had a working hour of sorts in the office at home.  The kitty is still here and getting a bit more brave to come out from the car and either behind the bushes or up on the porch and watches me take the dogs out.  He or she eats when we go back inside.  Then I watch her from the window.  I think it might be a she, but not sure.  I hope she is finding a good place to be with all this rain.  Bless her.  Not sure about a name yet.  Nothing has stuck but "Kitteh"  I call her Kitt-ehh.  lol

Man it's raining a big one! 

George fixed a Portuguese fish dish with cod and shrimp last night.  It was very good.  

Today we have a new cleanse coming out.  Limited time only.   And so I'll order mine today.  

For days they have said it was going to rain but we didn't see it or much of it anyway.  But it's here now.  Did I say that already? lol This was last night's view. 

I mentioned toilet paper on here yesterday and in my device stories and now look at the ad at the bottom of the pic above.  lol  Toilet paper ad.  hahahahaha  

So, I can't wait for this....90210 coming back! Not sure what channel or media.  Will have to check on that.  And also need to watch Kate Plus Date.  I'm behind on that one.  I haven't started yet.  Like I need more TV to watch to hamper my goals. lol  But I love it so.  And also Below Deck Med is on now but George will watch that one with me at night.  The others I have to catch on the weekend usually while he is out doing something else.  

Not a lot to tell really today.  Just working and working and trying to find some pleasure and planning time in between.  ;-) 

I am packed for my trip!  Can't wait for that.  

There is a storm happening now as I type this.  Lots of heavy rain and lightning mainly.  I did hear some hail but minimal.  

Anyway, hope you have a blessed day today.  Going to work on a few things here in the office and head to the other office.   Hope I don't have to go in heavy rain.  Maybe it will calm down before I head in.  Looks like a small break and then it starts back up again.

Ok outta here!  


  1. I love that saying and have it posted on my Instagram. It really is true.
    We used to love watching 90210.

  2. I hope the rain clears up for your drive and that your day is a good one. It's cloudy here but no rain so far.


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