Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tybee Pic, Inspiration, Time, and a Leather Journal

DD Katy sent me a pic from Tybee.  We also got to see the place they are staying on FaceTime.  I loved loved loved that she called us.  And absolutely adore this picture.  This was taken from the back side of Bubba Gump in Tybee.  

Yesterday was a near perfect day. It was a very organized day.  I was in control of it, instead of it being in control of me.  So an acceptable day. But shhhhh, don't tell anyone or the evil spirits will see to it otherwise, lol. 

 I was able to get some of my side hustle done, during lunch.  The house was clean, laundry got done, did some ironing, got our movie tickets ordered and set a dinner with a friend to begin working on an idea of collaborative book project.  I pitched the idea and she is on board so we are meeting to talk about it.  

Over the weekend, some folks I follow on Instagram posted the following that resonated with me. 

I want to believe this one below, but I'm not sure I totally do b/c when you work, you are committed to that time frame.  But I do believe you can control things like working late and going in early.  Once you start it on a regular basis, you are enslaving yourself to it. I've seen it happen time and time again.  The work life balance as God created it and intended it, is already out of whack.  We spend less time with our families, more time at work, less time with God because we scramble on the weekends to get the house done, family tended to, clothes washed, groceries shopped for, errands done, and then try to relax and maybe insert some fun.  

My personality also craves, desires, and needs quiet time.  I get projects and to do's built in a stack and I will combust until I get time to knock some of it down.  I love to see accomplishment.  I also detest interruptions to my thought process.  When that happens repeatedly I get pretty frustrated.  Because in order to be effective, the thought processes must be present and allowed to happen.  We don't often get that in our lives anymore.  

I added blueberries and a strawberry or two to my shake yesterday. 

Today I'm having a vanilla shake and not sure what I'll have along with it.  Maybe some oats and PB powder. 

Well, I have our movie tickets ordered to go see Elton John's movie.  So I'm going to enjoy that.  Got the buy one get one free deal through AT&T. 

I also looked up ingredients to see if I'm getting enough Vitamin D.  I think I am with my system but may need to keep some extra D available for winter and the cloudy days. 

I still have about 7 people I'm working with right now that I need to respond to and about 4 to follow up with.  It's been so much fun to do this.  At least I can do it in the pockets of time I can get.  I will miss my zoom meeting tonight but can listen to it tomorrow night.

Things on the to do list:

___Find the networks for where to get my glasses.  I'm going to get two pair - computer glasses and the transitional glasses that go from light to dark and dark to light.  But I want a place with a lot of samples to choose from.  I loved the local place here.  Those folks were kind and helpful and prices reasonable, but they hardly had any supply.  I want options as I have a certain style I am looking for and I relented last time, but not going to this time.  I want what I want if I'm going to pay such a high price for it anyway.

___Price an Apple Laptop- I'll wait til mine combusts, but I'm saving up for it. 

___Schedule Mom's Birthday Sunday

_X__Order a leather journal book I've been wanting.  The one I'm looking at is not really a good size.  So I need to do some research.  ------>  Mark that as done, as while going to get a pic of it for the blog, I went ahead, checked reviews for the best one, and ordered it, ha!

____Also ready to have Don and Lisa over.  I miss my buds and need to catch up with them.  So we need to clear out some time on the calendar.

And I am realizing that my vacay is coming up and I'm starting to get really excited to see my girl.  It's getting closer. 

Thank you all for your comments yesterday.  I have had very few lately and then bam, had a bunch yesterday.  Love getting comments as it lets me know folks read my rubbish, ha! 

Ya'll have a great Tuesday!  I better go save the world, lol!



  1. When Looking for your glasses do not get them at VisionWorks. I got a pair there and I wanted a certain type lense that I always get. They had the brand but I was unaware of the different grades and they carried the lowest which I got. Also, they did not fit properly and after about 20 tips back I gave up as they would only look at them and then say you have to get use to them. I had worn these for over 15 year so I knew the adjustment process. Never happy for the large $$$$$

  2. Tybee looks pretty! Glad your week started off good.


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