Thursday, June 6, 2019

Weird Eating Day and Eye Doctor

Ahhhh, it's Thursday.  These weeks are just flying by.  Yesterday, I did not feel good.  Sometimes after a cleanse day I can be a bit moody.  I think from not eating much.  But I felt like I was getting the flu.  I also sneezed a lot.  I think the lack of food (until 10 p.m. the night before) had made me lessen my immune system. 

I can tell you though that even though I ate at 10 p.m. and broke the fast on Tuesday night - the cleanse still worked.  I can always tell.  "Hope Floats", lol  (See yesterday's entry). Anyway I got to thinking about it and I had enough hours of low calorie-ness that it counted and worked. 

After lunch yesterday I began to feel better but all morning yesterday I felt washed out and really just wanted to be in bed.  I was also worried that tick bite was going to have something to it.  Because it was sore and also very sore skin all around the area in a radius. 

My lunch yesterday - which I picked b/c the sodium wasn't too bad and the carbs and calories weren't too bad, and had veggies.  It was a Lean Cuisine.  But when fixing it, it had 22g of sugar.  It was rainy-ish outside and I'd already thawed it so I ate it.  But geez.  I'm trying to get away from that. Hidden sugar.  It was in the sauce.  So I have to be better about reading the labels.

Long story short, there was not much protein in there as these frozen meals are getting stingy with their meat.  So by the time I left for the doc appointment I was better from the flu like feeling, but then starting to shake a bit from the sugar intake and lack of good food to eat.  And with not much time to get anything else and no shake with me, I was bad and went through McDonald's on my way to the 3:10 eye appointment in Hermitage. I had a double quarter pounder - no fries.  Yes it was great to have a burger but would have loved to choose what burger it was and not a McDonald one.  But the meat in the burger, I knew would level me out a bit and keep me from being hungry.  Then I was discouraged of course.  But it just makes you realize you need to be better planned.  I didn't even have a Hydrate drink with me as I had thought that would help get some nutrients in me yesterday, but it was ironically the day I brought the fruits drink.  I didn't need that yesterday though.  I'd already added fruits to my morning shake and didn't need any more sugar even if it was natural. eyes had changed *some* but the doc recommended I get computer glasses b/c I'm on the computer morning, night, and evening (some).  I'm having to take them off at work b/c my neck is straining as I'm having to look up (bifocals) to see - more and more.  I was thinking I'd wait b/c George needs new glasses more than I do and I would let him go first as they are always expensive - even with insurance.  But he said to go ahead and get them.  I want to use my regular glasses I'm wearing now as my computer glasses and that will save some $ on frames.  And then I want to get another set of glasses to use for my everyday wear.  I really want to get me some John Denver glasses if I can get some that look like me.  ;-)  I have to try them on b/c I want them to look nice.  And I will talk to them about the transition - sunglasses.  But we'll see.  I'd love NOT to have 3 pair of glasses on me at all times, lol.  My purse is big enough.

Anyway, I'm feeling better this morning after such a wonderful sleep - deeeeeep sleep last night.  And the tick bite seems less inflamed.  I've not looked at it, but it seems much better, feels smaller and certain not feeling as inflamed.  It feels like it is healing. 

I feel more like myself today than the last 2 to 3 days.  I have not wanted to do much or even think much.  And just haven't been myself.  But today is much better.  I can always tell in the mornings when I get up - how organized I am in thought.  If I'm planning ahead, thinking about efficiency, staging things, making things better - I know I'm good!  On the flip side of that - if I'm sluggish, dragging, not caring, having to push myself to do anything - then I know I don't feel good, didn't get enough sleep, or didn't eat something right, or not feeling good.

So today is good!  Yay! 

Better get at it and get to work.  Much to do.  But of course will do only what time allows.  That is all one can do.  Have a lovely day yourself?  What are you doing today? Anything fun?


  1. I have an autoimmune disorder and I have food intolerances which had lead to me doing a lot of research and experimenting. I also have had overgrowth of candida in my system before and I think it is always waiting to come back if I don't take care of myself. When I do really well and keep the sugar down, the detox leads to me having flu like symptoms some days, like I am sloughing off the bad stuff. Just a thought.

  2. Glad you're feeling better and hope today is a good one for you!

  3. hope you're feeling better soon. tick bites are nothing to fool with. sounds like you'll have plenty of glasses to take care of your needs.

  4. You will love the transition glasses as they are automatic to the sun. They are expensive, but not as much as having to carry a pair of sunglasses and changing them all the time.


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