Sunday, June 23, 2019

Why People Really Wear Hats in These Parts

We ate breakfast at the hotel and then set out about our day for the Mexican Market. We decided to walk. 
We found the cutest little urban grocery. 

Look at the architecture of part of that building on the left. 

Katy’s dress above kept pulling a Marilyn Monroe on her and she eventually had to go back and change. 

We thought about going through the Governor’s palace but didn’t. 

We went to Mexican Market which really didn’t have anything we wanted. And was a bit cheesy to be honest. It looks so much more impressive on the internet. 

Well ok the fruit store (no pics) and then this bakery and bar was a sight to see. 

Laughed at this t shirt. 

  This was taken minutes before I walked into Nader a tree and a giant massive bird pooooooopoooped on me. Thank goodness it missed my head. I knew something with liquid had just gone all over me. In that split second I was trying to figure out what happened but as I took a breath I knew. The horrid smell and it was huge amounts of yellow watery grainy mustardly poo all over my shirt, my right arm, my left arm, my Apple Watch, my purse, my glasses, my necklace, my bracelet, and I thought my head. I think it was about 3 to 4 oz of poop. If I’m telling this story after living through this temporary night mare... you have to read the raw graphic experience! lol 

So we realized what had happened to me and Katy went to buy me a t shirt. And I went to the bathroom to try and get this off of me. Of course no paper towels only hand dryer. 

I started by washing off my jewelry. At least it was silver and durable. And then to the bathroom stall to take off the nasty shirt and wait for Kate. I tried wiping things off with toilet paper as best as I could from my watch and purse. This was a long and nasty slow process of cleaning up. It was not your average quarter size poop. It was like having poop squirted on you from all angles. It was the smell of a babies diarrhea. And lots of it!

She finally arrived with new t shirt and I put it on and came out of stall. The smell so bad that Katy couldn’t even stay in the bathroom. The poo had been everywhere so I ended up getting some on my new shirt somehow but it was only a little and I got that off! I washed my shirt and put it in the bag the new t shirt came in. Then we headed back to hotel where we both showered and headed back out for the day. 

I love nature but this was absurd. Anyway maybe one day we will laugh- Katy already has and called her Dad to laugh and tell him what happened lol. Later before bed I said we were tired and would talk tomorrow and he texted back....”what, you have a sh**y day?” lol 

These real....and with concerned faces. They must have stood under the tree where I had. No wonder their heads a covered. Now we know also why the Mexicans wear WIDE brimmed sombreros!!!!

After changing we had lunch at a British Pub like place called Mad Dogs I believe. My view...

Fish and chips. I ate the inside of the fish and not the batter. But I inhaled most of the fries. The slaw was vinegar based. 

Then we went on to Roadmap Brewing for a flight. 

We couldn’t forget our morning experience and replayed it often. I noticed one of the Hefeweizen beers smelled almost like that smell. I wasn’t going to say it but she did! lol We had to leave those on the table and could not finish that one! lol 

Later on Instagram 

However I researched and found that it’s good luck to be pooped on by a bird.  

And there is so much more to post but I’ll have to finish the update later!  


  1. WOW what an experience. Glad it's behind you. thought georges comment was funny.

  2. That's something you'll never forget!


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