Friday, July 5, 2019

And the Rest of July 4th...Relaxing and Calm

We had storms yesterday afternoon and a lot of rain.  It was nice actually for us since we didn't have to be out in it.  A completely relaxing day.  

I got on the floor to be next to Roger and thought about taking a nap myself.  However, the floor is hard. lol   So I just took pics of Sir Sleeping Sweetness. 

Meanwhile cringing over in the corner is Ms. Maisy and scared of every boom of thunder. 

With both storms and fireworks in one day - by end of day she was chilling pretty good.  I think at some point I guess she decided that the booms were not hurting her.  But she stayed close to me every minute.

I let the previous day comment "get to me" (previous two entries).   Usually lately I let things roll off.  Maybe I misinterpreted the meaning of how it was said. I took it as fact instead of a perhaps that is what someone else is thinking.  And that is entirely different.  I was raised in "literal" terminology - Southern Bible Belt - so I do indeed take everything and hear everything literally.   So I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.  You can't tell in writing how it was meant.  So I apologize for the tear if I hurt anyone's feelings.  However, what I did say is an accurate account of what IS and how I feel and so that I'm not apologizing for.  I am a defensive person by nature because I've had to be most of my life to protect my persona.  It's complicated.  So yesterday's rant was in protecting of me more than a lash at anyone.  If that makes sense.  I'm ready to move on.  That said, b/c I let it get to me I didn't get to do the things I intended to do as I sat and stewed over that.

Also Comcast took about an hour of my time as when I DID try to watch my shows the internet would go down.  Every. Time.  I've decided I'd worry the toot out of them Every. Time. then. lol  So now they are automated and have an automated thing reboot but I made a person come on because I told them I didn't want a temporary fix for the day, but I wanted it to be a permanent fix.   So a technician is coming July 27.  We have company coming that day but will be at home so a good day to do it.  Til then we will work with a slow and waning signal.  It seems to be during peek times when it fizzles on us.  Often it is a 3 in the afternoon and at night around 7 and 8 and mid afternoon on Sat and Sunday.

So I let those issues take up my precious getting things done time.   I meant to look up RV rentals, watch Kate Plus Date, Catch up on my Shows. And start my John Denver book.  But it's ok.  Other than those moments above, it was a wonderful and relaxing day.  And our lamb dinner and potatoes were excellent.  I had a birthday shake for lunch too and I forgot just how good those things are.

Something is coming July 9th with Isagenix.  The announcement had sprinkles about - so wondering if birthday shake is going to be a permanent shake.  I hope so.  I added a banana to it yesterday and my gosh the flavor was better than banana pudding.

I saw these posted on social media of my friends/group.  I've already done the coffee - but it wasn't cold brew.  It was warm brew left over.  lol  I have thought about freezing the left over coffee in ice cubes though.

Then this was posted.  Now I've been taking our lemon line hydrate and adding ice to it and blending that for a mid afternoon slushy while watching my shows on the weekends.  I will have to try using coconut water with it.  Typically I've not been a fan of coconut water but mixed might be ok.  

I love our hydrate drinks.  They taste like Gatorade but the ingredients are better for you.  

I did start my next Target order and also got a birthday gift ordered and some laundry done.  But most of all I feel relaxed today and ready to do what feels like a "one day work week" now as George puts it.  Hoping today in HR is a quiet one and we are left alone to get things accomplished other than just rake in the requests.  I only get about an hour or two or three a day of full concentration.  It's usually around lunch (esp if I do not take one myself) and then again around 3 or 4.  I'm usually working good and finally getting to my stack about the time to go home.  Sometimes I stay a bit later to finish at least "something" but when I do it infringes upon my home time and so I try not to stay so I at least have 3 hours at home to do chores, eat, spend time with George, doggies, and have a few minutes of personal time. 

So I get to go out to lunch with my assistant today.  Looking forward to that.  I think it'll be a good day for it.  But hoping everyone is off today and will let us get some things done.  There is more and more work coming to HR and I'm not sure we'll be able to take it on.  I expect there will be some change at that point of some type.  I just can't keep taking on more and more.  I already can't get things done.  I've asked for help but there's just the two of us in the dept.  Anyway this is not the place that I will go into those for I will surely go off into a rant and rage and then be called back to the office the next day. lol  We don't want that.  No trips to the principal office for telling the truth. Isn't that about the way it is today?  The ones spilling the truth always gets in trouble.  Thus along the lines of no good deed goes unpunished.  So true. 

Anyway.  No wonder I love to think about travel and adventures.  It takes you away to happy places and closer to God and away from things that bother you, make you sad, or make you mad.  You get the pleasant side of people instead of the ---well let's just call it "the other side" of people. 

I've been able to type longer than I thought as I allowed myself to sleep in a bit.  But I need to go and get a head start on getting ready and out the door.  It's jeans and tee shirt day!  

Ya'll have a great Friday.  Most of you are off.  Don't feel sorry for me.  I'm actually glad to go and try to have a day to get some things done at the desk.  Usually around a holiday you can get more done.  It's inventory weekend for a lot of folks at our work though so there is that.  Hopefully they will all be busy with that.  A lot of my interruptions come from employees and outside vendors and such.  And even on Friday's without it being a holiday a lot of places are taking off at Noon for their salaried folks.  Now that is nice!  Would never happen at my place of work. lol  

Oh I forgot to say that we watched Eddie Murphy in A Thousand Words and it was a really cool and funny movie. I laughed so hard. 

Anyway gone this time!  Bye.  

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  1. It's nice to have a holiday off before Friday and then there's the weekend.


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