Thursday, July 4, 2019

And Then There is This.....

So one of my readers or perhaps a visitor has commented that I don't have readers because I "talk about Isagenix too much".  And of course you can see my reply.  This was left on the "Readership is Low" blog post entry.

I know this is one person's opinion.  I am open to yours too.  Even though it might hurt my feelings. But I'm a big girl.  Bring it on.

However, it really doesn't matter what the opinions are.  I write mostly for myself anyway.  I won't stop talking about this system because it is changing my life. And it is part of my every day life.  This is my life and my blog I am writing about. And I am happy that I'm no longer struggling to find out why I had these strange fevers to come and go, random roaming pain, and lethargy. I'm no longer on sugar meds and have energy like I was in my 30's again. I have hope again.  I was able to walk 8 miles one day in San Antonio and I couldn't have done that 2 years ago.  I have lost 25 to 30 lbs (I always waver those 5 back and forth) but maintain my weight loss due to my new way of life.   And for someone to say that I'm talking about this too much was indeed harsh.  I agree with you Stephanie on that.  

So everyone is free to be somewhere else, because it is likely not to change unless I grow a third nose or something from eating healthy.  I guess that would draw a crowd.  People love their drama and pain and woe me's.  Give yourself some success and it turns people off.  Go figure.  And go on if that is what turns people on.    

I also agree that people don't like Multi Level Marketing.  This may sound harsh, using your own words, Stephanie, as you say, but they may want to go and hide because it is the way of our future.   We are all eventually going to be buying from one another instead of the big companies with brick and mortar. And residual income rocks. But most won't understand it til it is experienced.  It IS a lot of hard work on the front end.  But you work in your time and get paid while you sleep.  It's a beautiful concept and very much misunderstood.  And not all MLM companies have such a wonderful comp plan as we do. 

All that said I don't believe I get on here every day and try to sell to you all.  I have a link I don't even refer to it.  I talk about me using the product and working on my business to help others.  So? 

The old ways of doing things of 9-5 are going to eventually go away.  The generations below us may seem selfish and doing things their own way.  Indeed they are at times but they are learning and creating when we are not looking and passing judgment. 

They are being creative and inventing their lives, finding their "kick ass lives" all the time and becoming millionaires in a short time.  Not that $ is where things are, but it helps!  A lot more days of being able to help others and do more here on earth with our lives.  Gone be the days of working for bosses but for ones self. We have a lot to learn from them - these millennials.   But most of us won't learn because we are wired too differently to the ways of the past. How often does this story go?  Go to college, get the house, get the stuff, work off school loans and debt, live for your weekend and vacations, retire, get rid of stuff, and then die.  I get it.  I'm there.  I'd love to break the cycle if I have enough time left. But I myself am already deeply embedded to what I've driven myself for and through for so many years.  If I'd put that effort into something like this before - I'd be not working now already!   I rarely put the time in to even share, but here I sit surprisingly getting paid. lol If I did this full time I can't imagine where I'd be. Well I'd be in the RV for one thing, lol.

As for me.  I don't get a referral bonus when I tell my friends about the wonderful meal I had at Carraba's and send them there. ZERO.  But I do get paid when I share with others about the wonderful nutrition that I was able to fix in 3 minutes for $3.50 a meal on the way out the door, along with various other superfood nutritious items I have daily that are not loaded with sugar and/or ingredients that are going to give me cancer.  I get paid for this...  WHILE I sleep even and even when I didn't share with anyone but someone under me did. 

Yes I'm just new at this and I'm not even putting much effort at it - as my choice not to.  But that said, I've been able to fund a lot of extra things I wanted to fund.  The beauty of this though is being able to help someone else feel better too.  I didn't get into this to share it.  But when it helped me I was sharing it anyway and they said I'd get bonuses if I turned my associate button on.  And I did.  And I still do and everyone continues to share it - it builds.

 Kroger doesn't give me free food either.  I get $200 in free food every 16 weeks!  

So before you knock MLM one might want to KNOW the facts.  But it's ok.  People don't know what they don't know.  I didn't either til I was informed.  I am so glad I did not run from it as Stephanie suggests that others might have run from me and my blog because I talk about this program that has helped me so much.  That makes me sad at humanity.  But that's ok.  Humanity has disappointed me before and still does every day.  That is why I am aligning myself with a positive group of folks.  lol  People that understand your journey.  We cut negativity out of our lives, just like people cut positivity out.  

 So you are right.  This is NOT for everyone. And only those truly wanting to follow me in my journey SHOULD be here.  

I open myself up here and for a long time really haven't had a lot of negative comments that hurt my feelings.  Most folks are respectful and tactful.  But it happens.  And we all know why.  But it's ok.  
All who don't like it here and don't like that I talk about things that are helping me instead of me talking about all my ailments, are welcome to leave and encouraged to do so.  It does shock me that people would rather hear me gripe and complain about all my ailments every day like I used to. lol. I on the other hand would always love to hear what things are helping others.   But we are all on a different journey and quest.  And God made us all different.  You can X me off your charts if you don't like hearing about what is working with nutrition.

So to all that find I talk about this too much...then...Go find your struggle blog - or perhaps you already have.  If that is what the readers are into...the struggle blogs are everywhere.  

So Happy July 4th to you too!  


  1. Whoa, whoa. I think you misunderstood my comment. I wasn't dissing your nutrition. I was simply addressing why I think your following has decreased. I think it's awesome that you are physically improving and earning money from it. Props to you.

    And I don't read "struggle" blogs. I tend to read those that build one another up. Sorry to have struck a nerve with you, but I was giving my honest opinion.

    1. That's good to know. Thanks for explaining. I'm a forgiving soul. I can be pretty blunt too.


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