Friday, July 19, 2019

Blog Comments Not Working Too Well and Didn't Mean to Blog Today But Did

Everyone seems to have issues commenting on blogger.  At least Word Press seems to be making changes and keeping up with the times.  Haven't had time to work on the new blog.  Will try to get it rolling this weekend but looking like it may be the following weekend.  It's quite a bit more to set up and a little more complicated than blogger.  Or perhaps I'm just used to blogger. 

So I'm sorry you all are having trouble commenting.  I think it will be better on the other site.  I'm going to be looking forward to some down time. 

I have some exciting news but not sure I can tell it yet.  I am waiting for announcements.  lol  Nothing ever happens in proper time does it?

Anyway, things are going to be rough for a while until they get better.  That is all I will say.  Still there is only ONE of me so I'd say it'll probably be rougher on everyone else than it will be on me.  Since no one likes to wait for anything and no one has patience.

There is no RV and no grandchildren yet, so don't get too excited.  More later as the news officially comes. 

I am so excited also to work on the new blog.  Katy is here with us with Shelby her friend.  And Little Bitty Kitty had disappeared for two days and is back!  We are happy about that this morning.  I asked God to bring her back.  I'd feared she was gone for good - and probably eaten by something in the woods or run over. I'm happy Katy will get to see her. 

So just popping in for a moment.  And I best be going!  I really didn't mean to blog here today.


  1. Hope you have a good day and weekend.

  2. I'm glad for the surprise blog entry this morning. I find that I'm really missing my daily dose of Sonya!

  3. Good I have been able to say Hi this morning. Hope you manage to get the new blog sorted out soon. Please give my love to Kate, hope she is well and still enjoying life in Texas xx. Glad that little one came back and hope she stays. Have a great weekend. Much love and 🙏 prayers for you

  4. Glad you have some time with your daughter, I know you miss her. I will check out your new blog.


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