Friday, July 12, 2019

Cooking Adventures and a Braver Itty Bitty Kitty

Yesterday I went to the doctor at 6:00 for my 6:20 appointment and got that over with.  Having to do without coffee in the morning is like being in time out or something.  It's like watching George eat a hot dog on cleanse day, lol.

The initial report is good and the doc says "all good and continue on in your weight loss journey".
Afterwards I went to Starbucks for coffee and a spinach and feta roll up.  I heard that was healthy.  However, the roll up was more like bread and not a tortilla and the feta was very heavy and cheesy.  It was good - don't get me wrong.  But it was not the healthiest option.  It was also a little greasy but maybe that was the cheese.  Anyway - I messed up there.  I didn't even get a shake in yesterday.  That filled me up and I snacked the rest of the day with nuts, imitation crab meat sticks, celery, and the last of some natural peanut butter and rice/nut crackers.  So I didn't want my shake for lunch since I ate that.  I was busy at the desk and didn't really take a lunch to make up for being an hour late due to my doc appt.  Oh but I did go back and make a frozen concoction out of my e+shot, Ionix stress formula, and my fruits.  I blended it with ice.  Very refreshing. 

Anyway, George was mowing last night since the weather was good.  And he had laid out cube steak.  However, the cube steak was very thin and not like a normal cube steak.  It was as thin as I have ever seen.  So I decided they would be like potato chips if I fixed them the normal way.  So I cut it up into bite sizes and decided to do a stir fry of sorts.  I don't ever cook rice b/c I always goof it up.  But I decided there was no reason not to try again as it's been years.  The first problem was finding rice.  We DID have every sort of rice known to man at one time and joked about how we have enough to last til our death.  George is always pointing at rice at the store and going -"need more rice?"  Especially those really huge bags. 

So I googled how to cook rice and I got it down now.  It turned out great.  And I also just googled a stir fry recipe.  And got the gist of what all I needed to do.  I grabbed the hot pepper chili oil, sesame oil, what little soy we had left and the Worcestershire sauce - b/c of not much soy.  lol

It looked like most all was to cook on the highest heat.  I cooked the meat to seer it mainly - not through and through yet b/c it'd be added back in later.  Took it off.  I didn't have onions or I'd have added that in with it.  I did have garlic though.  I forgot to add onion powder, but that is ok it all turned out flavorful.   I also scrambled three eggs over high heat.  Took them off.  And then I had already chopped celery and carrot into fine pieces and I stir fried that with the oils and sauces mentioned above and then when almost tender through and through I added the steak, rice, and egg back in and let it cook some more and simmer. 

As we were eating George said "This was very good".  So yay!  Break through in cooking adventures.  He normally cooks in this format.  To me, this type of cooking has been like climbing a mountain and I was not in the mood to climb it.  But last night I had an open mind and said to myself "you can do this".  And did it. 

I do see now that we need more rice in the house!  I don't go for the white rice anymore.  I will eat it if George fixes it, on occasion but he has been mindful of me not eating the white rice.  It has more sugar I guess (turns to sugar).  Same with white potatoes.  However, to me, if this is a natural sugar - I think we should have that from time to time.  But I prefer brown rice, wild rice, and so forth. 

Anyway, was happy to branch out with my cooking skills beyond just sauces, pastas, soups, salads, desserts etc.  That said, I'm not sure all those oils were good for me.  lol  But at least my bones won't creak.  I should be all ready to rock at this point. 

And I'm really ready for a Cookie Dough shake this morning (Isagenix of course). 

And the next couple of weeks are going to provide a lot of opportunity for overeating and not to healthy eating.  I will do my best but we have a lot - I repeat - a lot of eating out events about to happen.  Today, George and I are going to lunch.  He is off as his company lets Salaried off every other Friday - as long as they work 9 hour days all of the other days.  Only during the summer months though.  Ends Sept 1.  I'm sorry but that is genius and "cool as snot"  - I'm not sure where that phrase came from.  lol  But there it is.  It's a win-win for all and a total morale booster for them. 

The hourly folks may not like it though but they get the OT where as salaried do not.  I just think that is a cool perk. So we get to eat lunch today.

Anyway I need to get off and get ready for work.  But I should tell you that "Itty Bitty Kitty" let us get within 6 inches today.  She just is not ready yet for us to reach out and pet.  But almost.  George says maybe by the weekend we'll get to pet her.  She is getting braver.  And she is so cute.  She will sit and chase her tail.  She thinks her tail is about to get her and she'll hide from it.  She messes and plays with Little Bit - and he tolerates her.  I told him to tell her that we are ok people and that she should be comfortable around us.  I think he told her, b/c she is way more outgoing and unafraid this morning.  She has been building up to it though.  I just want to hold her and love on her so bad.  She has these cute big eyes. 

Well, better go!  Take care. 


  1. Your stir fry sounds good. Hope your Friday is good.

  2. U make stir fry when I have a little meat and it goes a long way. I keep snow peas in the freezer for this. Onion, peppers and any other small amounts of veggies I may have in the crisper. I slice the meat thin, sauté the veggies with the different sauces, chili sauce, soy, sesame oil, etc. Never know exactly what is going in the pot. Usually turns out really good.

  3. the kitty sounds so sweet. i hope she lets you hold her soon. dinner sounds delicious. good job.


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