Sunday, July 14, 2019

Decision Time on the Blog ~ I'll be Away for a Few Days

I have decided that for right now, I'm not going to blog for a while.  Maybe even a good while. The minimum amount of time I will be away is 5 days and the maximum time is two weeks. At that time  I'll post my decision on whether I will continue or close the blog.  I need to see how I feel at least over a week to two week period and make sure I'm not making a wrong decision on a whim.  Why?

1)  The blog is not serving me in purpose as it has before.
2)  There are so many other things I'm finding that I should be doing with that time.
3)  Often the wrong people are reading and it makes me feel vulnerable that I can't be me or that people are on a witch hunt to see if there is a hint of anything that I'm saying or doing wrong.
4)  I'm just wanting to be more private in my thoughts.  If no one knows what they are I can't be judged on them.
5)  I've been two days without comments now.  So maybe someone is reading but it feels weird to me when no one comments at all.  I've thought about reaching out and publicizing the blog but all the wrong people will flock to it like gnats on mayonnaise.
6) I feel like God is helping me make this decision.  It's only a trial decision to see how I feel.  I've been doing this blog thing for so very long.  It's very sad, but other chapters are unfolding.
7) I'm not getting the time I need to work on some other projects - and I do have a lot of irons in the fire. I need some time to evaluate again what is important in the time of my life that I have left. 
8)  Most of those who do read the blog know where to find me on Facebook or Instagram.  If not I would welcome you on my Facebook feed and Instagram follow as long as I know who you are from this blog.  Snoksred?  Jan?  And others that comment periodically.  Most of you are already there anyway.
9)  I feel like my blogging and writing experiences are letting me down right now.  And working against me instead of for me.  Maybe they always have been.  But I am not satisfied with it at present. I'm just not feeling it anymore.  Maybe God is changing my heart on it.
10)  Maybe I'm just tired of blogger itself.  Maybe a new medium needs to take hold with a varying purpose. Maybe I'm just at one of those cross roads in my life.
11)  Does it feel sad?  Yeah kinda.  But it's not like I can't come back, or start a new blog somewhere else, or do vlogging instead.  It is exciting in a way to be able to fill that time with other things.  So many other things I want to do, learn, experience, and succeed in, and reach goals toward.
12) I don't feel like I'm serving anyone else any purpose either.  Mostly what this has been is a way to park my feelings and document our life.  I'm not really getting to get into my feelings anymore.  I don't feel safe in doing so anymore.
13) We'll end with a 13 for good luck.  lol. And I'll let that be a question for you.  What purpose over the years have you come to this blog for?

And so we'll see how this goes.  I'll be back soon to let you know.  As early as this Saturday July 20, or as late as Saturday July 27th. One to two weeks ought to give me a chance to be away long enough to think it through.  And see if I miss it.  Or if I am welcoming my new time with other things.  Or if I'm sad, or happy.  Or just how I feel.  As of right now, my mind is made up, but I'm not going to just do that without giving myself a trial period away.  I know myself better than that.  I think my Facebook is attached here, you can befriend me if you'd like.  I'm just thinking that this is probably the beginning of the end of the blog.  I can do mini blog posts on FB as that is where most people are if I have a day I really need to talk or share.  I really like Instagram Stories.  It's fun and not too personal.  But you can share a little.   I just don't feel safe or satisfied here any more.


  1. I just requested to add you as a friend on the Facebook.

    I'm having a really bad week this week, am only just catching up on my reading today.

    I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I think many of us who blog go through this from time to time. Me personally, I made a decision long ago that my blog would be there always and I will stick with that no matter what. ;)

    I look forward to your posts and I enjoy reading them. I will miss them.

    Facebook is not quite the same thing, and a lot of the time Facebook hides the stuff I want to see from me. Here on your blog you are in control of what people see. :)

    Instagram is even worse, I have no idea how that thing works and no idea how to see stories and honestly pretty much no patience to try and work it out, because if they can't make it simple enough then why would I try to figure it out? ;) But I do know I rarely see things from the people I follow, and I see a lot of stuff from people I never heard of, to the point I rarely use it.

    The only way I use those things now is to bookmark the pages of the people I want to follow, and visit those pages personally. That way I have a small chance of seeing what they are posting. Otherwise it is useless.

    So that would be my reason for you staying here on your blog where you have control over what people can see *if* they want to see it. You have no control over what Facebook and Instagram choose to show people who want to follow you. Plus, at any time, they can just shut down your account if they "think" you have broken the terms and conditions. Well to be fair Blogger can do that as well, but it happens less often than the others.

    Facebook once put my account "in jail" and I had to send them copies of my ID to get out of it, because someone reported my account for something or other.

    If you really want to use Facebook my suggestion would be to create your own group - you control the memberlist, you can decide who you let in, and folks can access the group page and see everything you are posting right there. :)

  2. i'd hate to see you go. i have enjoyed your blogs throughout the years. i too took a long break from blogging and have missed doing it. unfortunately i feel i don't have any new and exciting things to share. when i do i'll be back. i hope whatever you decide will bring you peace. i'm sorry i don't comment as much as i used to. i do read everyday.

  3. I come to your blog With the thought that I’m checking up on a friend to see how she’s doing. I don’t comment a lot, but I read most entries. It’s been harder for me to blog, too. It’s hard to come up with original stories. When I stopped posting the links on Facebook I lost many readers, but I don’t care much. My blog really is mainly for me, so I can look back at previous times. Have you considered just using your private blog exclusively? I understand about the time crunch though. You really stay busy!

  4. ive enjoyed your blog for many years ( Aol) . this maybe the first time Ive commented :) . I too hope whatever you decide will bring you peace .

  5. I hardly ever comment, but I'll miss your blog. I feel like we would be friends if we lived closer. Kids about the same age, I used to work for a fortune 500 and understand the HR pressures. I don't Facebook so I guess it will soon be good bye. I am not good at this computer friendship thing. But best wishes and God Bless!

  6. I would miss your blog but I would understand if you decide it's not what you feel you want to do anymore. I have spent some time with family and at the lake so haven't been able to comment much lately. I've never used facebook and don't intend to. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best.

  7. I have read your blog for a long time.. I don't comment and i don't blog anymore.. But i have always enjoyed reading yours.. You have to do what makes you happy.. I wouldn't worry about other people though.. This is your space.. you should feel free to speak when and about what you choose.. There will always be some hater somewhere hating. On a blog or in person, to your face for behind your back.. So i wouldn't worry myself about it to much.. Just think.. If they are messing with you, they are leaving someone else alone for a moment.. Its very sad that these people thrive off hurting others.. but it is what it is.. If you decide to leave.. I'll miss the read.. for sure..

  8. I would hate to see you go I look forward every day to read your post, but do understand if you decide to take a brake from it just hope you don't take long. I don't comment to much on any blogs I read for most time I use my tablet and its hard for me to type on it. I'm on face book like the lady above said you can't always see what others post. Take care, Jean.

  9. Sonya, I remember the day I found your blog all those years ago. I was googling something about cabins and one of your blog entries showed up so I clicked on it. I believe this was in 2004. It was when you, George and Katy were staying at a cabin on vacation. I enjoyed reading about your experience there (it was raining and you played games in the cabin that day) so then I clicked on the previous day's entry and the day before that, and then I started clicking on the following day's entries to read about the rest of the trip and see how it went, and I finally clicked on the most recent entry. I was captivated and I was hooked on your family! I started reading your blogs every day. You seemed to have a passion for writing and the "telling of the tale" about the daily adventures of you little family. There weren't many pictures back then and the focus was more on telling the stories through writing. I loved those days the most! (Oh I do love pictures too, but I love reading the stories most!) I never commented but I so enjoyed reading your blog every day. Then on January 12, 2006, I lost my mom, and you lost your dad that same day, and I finally came forward and sent you an email. Since then, I consider you a friend and have continued reading every one of your blogs even though I still rarely comment. Would I miss it if you stopped blogging? HECK YES! But I understand where you're coming from. It would be hard to write a blog and never get any feedback. I hope you choose to keep doing it, but if not I'm glad we'll still have Facebook, and you can bet I'll be your first subscriber if you ever start a vlogging channel on Youtube! I'm counting on watching your RV travel vlogs someday. :)

  10. I read your blog often but don't generally comment. I took a wonderful trip to Nashville a few years ago and started reading your blog to remind me of that time. When I went to visit an old friend in Savannah last year, I recognized spots on Tybee Island that you had shared. I am a teacher (in Canada) and enjoy following along with the things your daughter does in her classroom. Good luck making a decision but know that you will be missed.

  11. I am not on puter much anymore since it is summer. Seems like we are more busy and on the go. I read when I can but don't often comment. I can understand if you need a break. Take care.


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