Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hamburger Pie and Roger Losing His Hearing

George's tomato plant has some tomatoes.  Will the deer get them? We'll see.  He put netting around it.  It's in a planter and they usually don't come that close to the house.  I sure hope he gets some tomatoes!  That would thrill him.  He's only been able to grow cherry tomatoes as the deer always get the big ones.

Yesterday was not too bad for a Monday.  A few un-pleasantries but nothing outside the ordinary. :-P  You just unhook from it, accept it as not your circus, not your monkeys and go on.  Otherwise you would pull your hair out.  You cannot control others actions (or lack thereof) and you only can control your own and everyone else has to be responsible for themselves (or not as the case may be, lol).  

Also started the day with a 2 hour drive into work.  The road I go in on was shut down.   But had to get over that too.  It is what it is.  Nothing I could control. 

I did two shakes yesterday and made it through just fine.  I'm doing the 11 day shred.  So cutting back the calories a bit.  It's really the same thing we do all the time but we are doing it all as a group.  But I normally only do the one shake per day.  I was proud of all my coworkers yesterday - lined up to do their shake.  You could hear the blender going off a lot.  

We had a good dinner though.  George fixed hamburger pie.  There are biscuits involved.  But it wasn't too many.  He had spinach stuffed vidalia onions as well. 

It wasn't too unhealthy.  We do red meat once or twice a week and try not to eat too much white bread (or any bread really) but I will do some whole grain.  This was enriched flour though I'm sure.  Canned biscuit.  Not the best option but it was good.  

So the Birthday Cake Shake comes back today.  And I'm excited.  I'll order another couple of cannisters.  I wish it would become a permanent flavor.  It taste like cake batter.  lol  

It's not on line yet but it's usually about 9 a.m. when it is up and running.   

I have a new customer that started and checked on her yesterday.   And George and I watched an Alton Brown cooking show he had on DVD.  I got bored and started playing a game I found - it's kind of an escape type game.  It's on my ipad and I forgot what it was called but it's been entertaining and I've made several levels.  I like figuring it out.  But I think you can only go so many levels per day w/o paying for the premium.  That's fine.  Sometimes I just need to do something different with my mind. 

I ended up staying up an hour over my bed time though.  lol  Oh well.  I drank my e-shot later in the day about 5 and it lasts for 5 hours of energy - but it's like having one cup of coffee and all natural ingredients - not filled with sugar - not like an energy drink.  But it will keep you going til 10 if you drink it at 5.  I drank it on the way home so I was awake til 10:30 I think.  I will have to do an earlier one today.  lol

Today is cleanse day and also I have the 7:00 zoom call with our folks.  I think I may point the laptop toward the printer and teddy bear and do exercises while they talk, lol  lol lol   I can't ever get exercises in so maybe this is an option at times.  You don't have to show your face but it's an interaction so it's good to.  But I'll just listen in today and point the laptop cam elsewhere.  Or I could put a sticky note over the camera thing.  But it will be much more entertaining to look at my little teddy bear over there.  

Well, I best get to work.  The only other thing I wanted to say is that I've discovered this week that Roger may have lost most of his hearing.  The last few weeks I just thought he was lazy and didn't want to come out.  And well, he may be that too, but I think he is unable to hear me.  He no longer comes when called - not that he was great at it before but he would always look up, wag his tail, and he always responded to "outside" or "go OUT".  

He is non responsive and it occurred to me that he is not hearing us.  George agreed it seemed like he was losing his hearing.  I kept saying his name yesterday over and over while he was in my office with me and he finally looked up when I shouted it loudly.  So he can hear some.  He was like "what is that noise?"  Maisy looked at me like she was scared b/c I was loud.  lol  But this makes me so sad.  He used to wag his tail when you would talk to him and now he can't tell when you talk to him.   George thinks he is about 10 years old.  How do the years go by so fast.  Our little Roger.  So sweet.  He's laying here now and will not look up at me when I call his name anymore.  

See you tomorrow. 


  1. We thought had a hearing loss in our older cat some years back however when I took her to be checked they discovered it was a lot of wax which had formed like a plug in there. She produces too much wax. She will let me clean them and in fact comes to me to get it done when it is annoying her, it is one ear more than the other one.

    So it might be worth the vet having a look to see if something like that has happened. ;) It can also be an ear infection, too. :)

  2. So much to go through with the babes. They cannot tell you what is going on. Our Miss Coco has had so many problems, but not hearing yet If you ask her if she wants to go she will knock you down getting to the door. Ken had to go back and get his key she turned and ran after him and huffed had him like get on the ball you said go. As she is 12 now I feel blessed that she is still with us after so much trauma with you health during her first 3 years.


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