Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy July 4th!

One of my graphics in the early days.  Hope all of you have a fun July 4 planned.  We are having a special meal tonight of lamb and potatoes with rosemary.  A bit different from everyone else, but that is how we roll right?

I left out yesterday a bit early - although didn't take lunch - to get my hair cut and color done.  On a whim I decided to go back to brown.  Just really wanting to go back to looking like me.  lol

Then I picked George up for a late dinner out which was very nice.

I got the Scheszwan chicken.  No idea if I spelled that right but you get the picture.  It was spicy.  But very good.  No I didn't eat all the rice but I used the rice as sort of a sandpaper to get some of the hot and salt off of the meat.  lol  

We decided to try some Sake. We got the fourth one down on this sign. 

After this, we went grocery shopping - just for what we needed for today and for the doggies (as Target on line delivery often doesn't have what we need anymore) and then home as it began pouring and storming. 

We took the dogs out and then went to bed.   God gave me a sign of things to come.  I didn't ask for one.  But I had told him I trusted Him and I knew he'd find a way for me to get my adventures going one day.  

This morning Roger woke me up at 3:30 wanting to go outside and then get water.  Naturally Maisy joined.  I threw Roger back in bed and Maisy and I just stayed up.  Now at 10:00 a.m. I'm a bit sleepy. lol 

However, I fixed us some scrambled eggs with tomatoes and goat cheese and a toasted English muffin.  Then went for a walk. 

Then I discovered that there was going to be a parade - just a little one. 

Malcolm, our neighbors dog. 

Santa, lol!

My neighbors...

Ice cream truck at the end.

And all in between, look at these faces!

So, we plan to relax and just do what we want today.  I'm probably going to go fix a big bowl of pop corn and catch up on videos, do some laundry as always and follow up on a few things.  May read some - John Denver book.  Just mainly whatever floats my boat.  It is such a gift to have the day off today.  

Ya'll take care! 

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