Monday, July 1, 2019

Resting Up at Home

Proof that Itty Bitty Kitty is still around.  She will come out and be seen and is less scared.  But we still can't pet her yet. 

I do believe God led her to us b/c He sees that the animals are fed.  ;-) 

Kathy and Richard always seem to match at church these days but they say no one plans it.  

I had to do a match up against my own shirt yesterday.  I love this shirt but I always looked fat in the stripes.  I was fat.  I still am. lol  However, my "fatness" is leaving my body now that I'm getting the proper nutrition in.  Not a lot of exercising - just the right food and vitamins and minerals. It's a subtle change going on and you may not can tell.  But I'm less "chunky" now.

Our deer are less and less afraid this year.  Mostly they just stare and gentle walk off, but yesterday this one just stood there and stared for a bit and kept eating. 

George's tomato plant is growing.  He put it there and is hoping the deer won't get it. 

We mostly have herbs growing in the flower beds.  It's been hard to get plants to survive there.  There's been something going on with the dirt.  I think George might have added more soil and replenished it.  So maybe he got it right.  I never had much patience with that sort of thing.  I wanted to grow plants but I can't take the heat to water it.  I will say that this is the first summer I think that I have felt better and could take the heat better.  I think it's because whatever autoimmue thing I had going on in my body is "undoing" itself.  I'd have never been able to take the heat in San Antonio and do all of that walking.  

Little Bit is hanging under the sofa.  He seems to like it there or in the chair either one.

George has the yard looking good.

Under the left chair, you can see "Itty Bitty Kitty" too.  She often does what Little Bit does. 

He's being tolerant of her as long as there are two food piles.  However, even when one food pile, I've seen him leave her some.  But if he's eating, he will swipe at her.  So we leave several little piles of food around. 

It's been a wonderful weekend at home.  I've rested and cleaned and rested some more.  I've made a video of our experiences via YouTube.  If you subscribe you'll never miss one.  I don't do them unless we do a trip and I'm getting better with it.  However, I just learned yesterday how to add my own music but too late.  I'm not doing it over.  It takes a bit of time to put it all together.  Click below:

I've been getting a lot of sleep.  And I think my tiredness from the trip kindof delayed until the weekend.  I've seemed kinda down and low for some reason.  I think it is the blues from coming back from our adventures.  The next one will not be until Thanksgiving.  However, I'll be going to Portland, OR before too long. 

I enrolled one of George's cousins in my system.  She is doing a small pack to do the 11 day shred with us.  If you are interested - leave a comment and we can connect and I'll send you the info.  

I would love to keep writing but duty calls.  Ya'll have a wonderful Monday.  

I think I'll be in "Holiday Mode" all week.  I'm just really needing the rest.  Got 8 hours in last night.  Overslept. See you manana, Lord's willing. 

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  1. Your yard does look good and your porch looks like an inviting place to sit and relax. Have a good day.


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