Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Sheewww Everyone....Get Outta Here .... Go On.... Do Your Holiday!

Well this needs to be short.  My oversleeping is becoming a habit.  And I'm pretty sure my alarm is just NOT going off.  I probably need to test the "Bedtime" function and see what is going on.  So now..I rush (or not) b/c I'm not giving up or shortening my morning routine.  Matter of fact, I've added to it this morning by ordering some things on Amazon.  A book - like I needed that!  Already have too many.  But one of my videos I watch "We're the Russo's" wrote a book so I bought it for my Kindle App.  And then I needed socks to go with my tennis shoes.  And I couldn't decide which pack so they were cheap and I just bought both sets, lol.  I don't know what happened to all my tennis shoes socks, but now I'll have plenty.  I had so many of them at one time and now all I have are unmatches.  Where do they all go? 

So yesterday I thought would be "unbusy" because of the holiday week.  WRONG!  Go on holiday everyone---shewwww---goooo!  Get outta my hair.  lol  I want some catch up time and have been looking forward to it for a while - so go on everyone getcha holiday on! 

I still got a lot done but there is much more to do.  Anyway got a lot done at home too.  I was able to follow up on a few things and knock some things out of the way in my office.  And today is cleanse day. I have HR by myself.   I have a 7 p.m. zoom call tonight and at 8 I'm doing an 8 p.m. Candlelight Yoga.  

Well, I can't hang around.  Gotta go on to the next thing quickly, if I can.  More tomorrow.  Maybe today will be quieter.  If not perhaps as the week goes on more people will "holiday".  My Mom said "isn't it horrible you have to work on Friday?"  I said "Nooooo I'm looking forward to working Friday b/c hopefully everyone else will be off and I can get something done".  I love those days when you can get caught up!  

OK over and out....

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