Monday, July 8, 2019

Shopping Day and Crispy Chicken

Fixed a big Raspberry Cheese cake shake and added frozen strawberries.  Was so good.  It lasted a long while. Gonna have chocolate mint today.

George's cousin came over and spent some time with us.  I gave her the chocolates and some samples of things from our system.  

Then I headed out to Walmart for an ironing board and to basically just walk through the whole store and see what was there.  I don't get out and actually shop in stores anymore and it was great therapy for me.  I made some very simple improvements to the house and bought a couple of things I have been wanting and all of it was a big morale booster for me.  

I bought a rug for the bathroom that was very pretty and actually very reasonable.  I bought a "Rain" showerhead, and a new bathroom caddy as the old one was rusting, and a new mat for the bathtub.  I bought a skinny water container that keeps water cold or coffee hot.  Fits in the backpack easily.  And I bought a water infuser pitcher that was very inexpensive that keeps the fruit/cucumbers back when you infuse and pour your water.  It doesn't fit in the fridge but it does have an insert you fill with ice. 

And I bought the new ironing board.  I also bought 3 linen tops that were very cute.  And very cheap.  I'm still rocking the "NO MORE PLUS SIZE" and loving that.  Because the other section has so many more cute things.  I get discouraged with myself at times b/c I think I should be further along but I have to remember that I'm no longer having to wear 2X.  I look at the 2X's now on the rack and they are so big to me.  So I am grateful that I'm able to lose because I've not been able to do that before.

So after I was through with the home section, I went to the grocery section.  And bought a red pepper, cucumber, avocado, and several other things George wanted.  I chopped when I got home and then made dinner for us.  

George had mowed and had just finished when a big pop corn thunderstorm rolled through with heavy heavy rain and lightning and a bit of wind.  I had just gotten in the car from loading my groceries and pulled out to head home.   George got my showerhead up for me, however, he had to go get some tape to be able to do it.  I am thankful that he was able to do it.  I thought I could screw one off and put the other on but it's not that simple.  I do wish I'd bought one of these a long time ago.

George  bought potatoes at Sam's for our party at Paul and Judy's and then sent the rest home of what was not used.  Tried to let them keep them but they sent them with us.  So we'll be having a lot of taters in the next week.

Oh and I am so excited.  I found a recipe that helps you have crispy chicken and I think Katy may have fixed something similar once and they talked about this on Eat This Not That podcast.  But when I followed some simple steps - this tasted like fried chicken.  It was so good.  This pic below is raw, before it was cooked. 

After it's cooked you are supposed to let it sit for about 10 to 15 to let the juices settle but we ended up diving in, lol.  Which is why there are no pics.  So I will forever be fixing this kind of chicken and next time I want to try making the Nashville hot.  Here's what I did different: 

1.  Patted the chicken dry with a paper towel
2.  Rubbed it with grape seed oil (it's not as good for you as olive oil but works better with heat - however, recipe called for olive oil so I guess it's ok.)  
3.  Had my rub made out ahead of time.  I used salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes, garlic powder, and onion powder and mixed it all up and then poured the rub on each chicken piece and put pinches of it underneath the skin.  Having the skin on is important (and now they say it's imperative for minerals and vitamins to be carried through your body anyway and good for your brain). So be sure and rub BOTH the oil and the rub underneath the skin.  
4.  The recipe said to cook about 35 minutes.  It gave no temp to the oven but did give a temp to the chicken with a thermometer.  However, we always cook chicken for 45 min on 350 and that is what I did.  George turned it up a little later b/c we had potatoes and also a vidalia onion baking in the oven too. 

It turned out Sooo crispy.  So now I'm going to try making some Nashville Hot!  I'm so excited to be able to bake chicken in the oven and have it taste as fried as everything.  And George told me later that my dinner was really good.  ;-)  

Then we watched a movie - Madea's family reunion.  It was much better than I thought.  

And I better get going and get off of here.  I have a lot to conquer today - and this week.  

The 11 day shred begins.  I am going to transfer to $$ to our personal account to cover some of my San Antonio splurges and yesterday's walmart splurges, and I'll check on George's cousin and I need to let all my folks know the birthday cake shake is coming back tomorrow.   And I need to thank Paul and Judy for the wonderful time the other night.  I need to wrap Mom's birthday gifts too.  But may wait til Saturday for that.  Still have one more gift coming in by Amazon and hope it gets here in time.  

So ya'll take care and have a great day!  

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