Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Side Wall of a Tent

Going to try to make it a good day despite the odds and negativity in today's world. 

May everyone face their truths today. 

If the shoe fits wear it.  ;-)

We all struggle to be the best we can be.  Often someone else's failures can make us fail too.  They say to keep digging for the why.  Keep digging to the root of the problem. 

When you get there, not everyone wants to look at that.  Usually means someone else screwed up. But I'm grateful for those that will dig to the root of the issues.  Because there are some roots to some problems that need fixing, badly.  lol

God is answering some prayers.  One way or another.  We shall see.

I'm trying to collaborate with another friend on a spiritual book - something different that hasn't been done before, but that requires some different thinking.  Seems like the harder I try to focus on something like this the devil tries to swat it out by breaking my concentration. 

Anyway, yesterday was not a bad day.  But it wasn't a good one either.  It was very unproductive in many ways but it was very revealing in others - and mostly a good way I think.  I hope. 

But at the end of the day when you can crawl in bed and know that you were at least in the spirit of truth, and the Spirit was with you.... you can rest knowing that God answers your prayers, listens, and places your steps.  You can sleep and not stay up and fume or feel regret because He's got this - He takes the yoke and you can Rest in Him.  And you know that no matter what, He's got you.  He places the steps.  He opens the door and closes them.  He lights the way.

Getting up this morning, I really am NOT excited to start this day.  Matter of fact, I'd love to just get in the car, head to the beach and say "screw it all".  I won't.  But that is how I feel. 

After all - the circus is not mine - I'm not in with the monkeys or elephants - I'm just a wee sidewall flap of the tent trying to protect the whole thing from the elements, waving back and forth in the wind and people forget I'm there. 



  1. One thing about your life: You sure stay on your toes, busy as you are. You amaze me.

    1. Thanks Donna, that about one of the nicest compliments that I have ever had. ;-) I try. People seem to focus on the opposite always.


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