Sunday, July 7, 2019

Surprise Invite, Pool Time, Freezer Inventory Surprise

Well, another quiet morning at the house.  Mainly doing laundry and ironing and working on next week's wardrobe.  All the Isagenix is organized and all the orders coming together for the next Target order.  And I told George we needed to look through the deep freeze and make of list of what all is in it.  We eat a few things on top - buy more sale meat at the grocery because we know we have room and it goes on top and we never rotate or eat to the bottom.  So we went through yesterday and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that we have 83 ish something meals in the house (meats).  So we are not buying any more meat for a long time.  That said, I'm sure George will want to buy the seafood pack again, but honestly we've not finished the last one. We have a lot of salmon and halibut cheeks which are a delicacy and we have savored those, always wanting to have them in our freezer.   

So in the process of going through the freezer we put frozen food in the laundry basket which we had sitting on top of the ironing board.  Neither one of us gave thought or consideration to the fact that the ironing board would not be able to withstand the pressure.  So much to our surprise the ironing board buckled - I mean the metal legs twisted and everything and meat went everywhere.  So today I have to go get a new ironing board. I looked on Amazon and even though there is free shipping, they up the price of it enough to cover the shipping so it's way more expensive that way.  I'm pretty sure that is how they do most things but most things are still pretty reasonable and worth not having to spend the time to go see and shop for it.  (Which I like to do but have too much going to be able to do). lol 

So I had my chicken thawing for dinner and had plans to cook a chicken dinner for us and had looked up the recipe.  But at lunch time fixed some popcorn and sat down to watch my shows.  As it does almost every Saturday, Comcast decided not to work.  If I don't get them watched early in the day I'm not going to get to watch them unless I'm on my phone on ATT watching and I get so much enjoyment watching on the big screen, that I don't want to do that.   But I could not get the internet to work.  Rebooting will sometimes work.  Calling Comcast and using the automated boost function - (their reboot test) has always worked.  But nothing worked yesterday.  And not only was Comcast internet out, my AT&T phone service would not work either.  So I'm not sure what the deal is.  We must have some kind of bubble around our house that won't allow technology to work.  lol 

I think I finally called Comcast a second time to get someone on the phone and in the process of waiting for a person, we got "juice" as they say.  Isn't that weird how it suddenly words when you get someone on the phone?  I guess they gave me the power and knocked someone else off at that point?  It seems to be not enough to go around so who ever calls get its back.  So I just end up worrying the absolute toot out of them all the time.  I pay 200 something a month for our package and for this to happen is not acceptable. They are going to have to spend some money and get better service out in this area. 

Then George got a phone call and we were invited to go over to Paul and Judy's and eat steaks and Paul wanted George to go with him to Sam's to get the steaks.  They wanted Cowboy Steaks.  But they didn't have a Sam's card and we do.  So the guys went and got the steaks and George came home and got me.  

Meanwhile I took Maisy out as Roger was in a deep sleep and I didn't bother him.  But she and I went to check on Itty Bitty Kitty and she came out and just looked at me.  She wants to play but is so scared.  She is so cute and will just play with anything she sees (but me).  But I am allowed to get closer before she gets frightened.  I took Maisy in the house and came back out.  And I sat on the porch with some treats and set them very close to me.  She couldn't stand not having the treats and finally came up about a foot from me and at the treats.  I didn't move or even look at her so as not to scare her.  I was thinking I wish George could see this.  And about that time the car turned the corner and he pulled in and I pointed where he could see.  He was impressed.  He also has been able to get Itty Bitty Kitty to come a foot close to him.  So we are inching closer.  

Then we went over to Paul and Judy's and had a blast with their family that is visiting.  It was so much fun.  I'm usually a pretty quiet person in chatting but had a great time talking.  It was very comfortable for me.  I'm often uneasy at dinner parties but do my best to converse and this was really nice and I enjoyed it very much and really like their precious family that was visiting (daughter and her family). 

And look at how big these steaks were.  I think they caught on fire at the end.  But oh my gosh they were so good.  These are the Cowboy Steaks bought at Sam's.  We split it among us all.  The kids had hamburgers and hot dogs and ate first and then we all ate next.  Ahhh it was so good. 

We had wine with dinner.  Maybe some before and after.  lol  We ate poolside.  And we enjoyed the pool after dinner.  And everyone loved trying to jump on and ride Rip Snort.  

A few have conquered a few seconds.  But then as your weight settles in, you lose it entirely.  lol  This has kept everyone entertained for hours! 

I was horrified thought to learn that my cousin and her hubby that bought a new RV had a fire in it this weekend when the a/c unit caught fire and landed on the bed and caught that on fire.  My cousin was able to get the fire out I guess.  I'm not sure all of the details, but they are ok.  But very disappointed.  I'm not sure if under warranty or what.  But that is harrowing.

And I saw this shirt on Facebook.  Pretty funny.

So yeah, there's that.  

Sleep was good last night and since I've been up early and stayed up late the last few nites, I slept in.  George let me sleep.  We missed church.  I am ok with that for today.  I will do a devo and will be able to get more done today since I didn't get finished yesterday - but having a Saturday to just spur of the moment change plans was great.  

So today I'll be going to Walmart to get an ironing board, lol.  I have George's cousin coming over to get some chocolates for cleanse day.  I'm giving her some of mine, as I thought the 11 day shred thing was not going to include the chocolates on cleanse day but it is and I didn't tell her to order any so I'm just going to give her some of mine as she wouldn't have time to get them in.  She will come by after lunch time and then after that I'll go to Walmart.  

Other things to do today is: 

___Cook the chicken dinner at the appointed time
___Do some work in the business and revise a few things in my tools
___Do some follow ups and connecting
___Exercise program via YouTube (if the Comcast internet works)
___Remove some songs from iTunes that I do not like. (George has used mine at times and I get to work and have things on my itunes that are weird and don't like and have to come home and remove it, lol.)
___Check with George about a LTD bill (Got a notice that it was not paid yet where I ordered something on line. So need to make sure it has been.)
___Print expenses since May 6th. 
___Watch Kate plus Date
___Finish any other shows missing
___Try out a new game I downloaded

So pretty much a relaxing day working, shopping, cooking and getting some exercise and fun in too.  I'm feeling good and stoked about it.  I'm excited about the week ahead.  Will be doing the 11 day shred. I won't be doing it to the tee but I do plan on having reduced calorie days and doing two shakes per day instead of my usual one.  And adding in more exercise that normal. We have zoom call Tues nite too.  I'll be doing my cleanse day then.  I have a my nails and toes scheduled for Wed nite.  I have a physical Thursday which will be very important for me.  I'll be tested on the blood sugar and also will be weighed and also will be seeing how my blood pressure is doing on the new meds.  Then Friday George is off and is coming to have lunch with me.  So I'll not be doing my shred then.  
Then next Saturday we take the dogs to get rabies shots and then have dinner with our Crouchety Gourempt group (not spelled correctly on purpose).  Yes we have a Facebook group.  Sunday we have a wonderful day planned with Mom in advance of her birthday.  So big week ahead.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.  And a great week ahead.  

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