Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Thank you! Stay Tuned! Save any Side Blogs Links You Use!

Your comments on previous entry really made me feel good and I appreciate them so much so I had to come and tell you that.  I know I said I'd not be back til Saturday but how can I not come on and tell you thank you from all of my heart. 

I do have good news.  Getting up - even the first morning - I knew that I would miss having a blog.  So I am working on a new one through WordPress.  I've actually paid for a premium plan since it's my main life's hobby, I gave myself that permission and luxury and paid for it with my other "hobby" Isagenix.  That is supposed to be RV money, but what the hay!  lol  I'm having fun working on it although I've not had much time to do so.  Once I get the theme set, my widgets going, and everything perfect for you all - I'll come back and give you the link.  It will be a new title, based on this new phase of my life. 

My life is just going through some changes right now. I won't post about it until everything is resolved.  I can tell you that something will change but not exactly sure how or in what way.  I have been just in shambles the last couple of days trying to make some decisions and stepping out on a ledge to make some changes.  Since I've been in prayer for a while - God has it in control.  But in the process the devil is trying to throw his usual darts and trying to make things complicated.  I woke up at 3 this morning to pray a bit, cry a bit, and just finally give it over to God to just 'fix it'.  I've even tangled with him why he allows the devil to taunt and torture me so.  Then I apologized.  I do question why things can't just be simple?  It seemed simple at the time.  But I guess standing on a ledge is never simple, lol.

I know the body and the mind go toward their goals.  And that is what I am trying to do and I hope that my leaps of faith are worth it in the end.  All I can do at this point is LET GOD.  I keep trying to put boundaries up in my head about what pieces of change are acceptable to me and what is not.  Oh I definitely have an opinion and that is what scares me.  If I'm not happy with something, no one is going to be happy.  That is fact and something I really cannot control so well.  We migrate toward what we want.  And if I do that, I don't want what I am migrating from to follow me there.  lol

Anyway, it's hard to concentrate on anything else right now.  Plus Katy is coming tomorrow and I'll pick her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon.  She is bringing a friend (teacher friend) for a long weekend.  I'm so excited. 

Yesterday I tried to do a cleanse day but just needed comfort food and a good conversation with my Hubby so we went for a burger and a beer.  Screw cleanse day.  lol Just too much to deal with right now.  I posted in my group about my failure and one of my friends said - not to worry that he was eating a meatball sandwich - lol.  So back in the game today healthwise.  You know me and my "burgahs" and it's been a few months I think - since I've had one.  I might have had one in San Antonio though I can't remember.  I don't think I did.  I'll never give them up completely but I'm ok with only having one on a blue moon, lol.

Anyway, I will continue to blog and I'll come back and let you know the location.  I don't want to say til it's up and ready for you.  It's actually live now there is just nothing on it.  Word Press is quite different.  But I think I'm going to enjoy it.  I'm actually going to create a logo for it.  ;-)   I am also going to create a little charter for myself as to what I will allow myself to post and what I won't post.  I want to think about that some and allow that to be my filter.  I really have to work with myself on a few things because I am so open and honest - and I have to draw boundaries with myself.  lol

So I did want to tell you that I'm not sure how the blog follower thing works on Word Press - I'm not sure I'll be able to take all the links on the side bar with me.  So I know a lot of you read other blogs from my side bar, so be sure to save those on your browser. 

At some point, I will be shutting off this blog.  I will likely be making it private and the domain name will be a blogger blog instead of being a standalone on another domain.  I'm not going to continue to pay for the domain site via google since I'm paying for WordPress's domain now. 

I'm happy so far to be working with a different domain, different theme options and a different medium.  I can still make pics with PSP but won't be stuck in a pattern. I can tell you once I pick a theme though I will want to stay with it for a while b/c just like blogger, if you go changing a theme you lose all your widgets and have to start over.  So I am trying to make sure I pick a theme I really like.  Strange enough I kept migrating toward the ones that looked like blogger's.  lol  I think it's only because that is what the mind "knows" has been seeing.  So I have been trying to get a different feel.  I still kinda want my widgets to the side though and not the bottom so we'll see. 

But I will come back and let you know when it's ready.  Since I saw your wonderful heartfelt comments yesterday on the previous post, and I had already paid for my WordPress blog I thought I'd at least let you know I'm working on it.  This time I am going to announce it to the world and let it be found.  I will also incorporate some "Vlogging" into it.  Here and there.  This will be a new and fun adventure for me.   And a next step toward some other real goals to have one day. God is good.  He leads me and has heard my need for change and I woke up one day and started moving to change everything.  Well not everything.  I'll keep George I guess.  lol

So stay tuned. 


  1. This is good news! I am hoping and praying and setting good intentions for you!

  2. Oh Sonya, God is good, why did I wake this morning feeling so much more able and positive and started searching out your blog,..whatever would have happened if I had lost touch with you altogether .? Maybe I think too much of myself to even think you would miss me, after all it’s a couple or maybe three weeks since I have felt able to start reading again, and where did I come you....please do let me know when you change over. I will try to read some of your earlier blogs so I can maybe get a ...feel....for what’s been going on. If I am not back tomorrow have a great time with Kate and her friend I’m sure you will all have a fine time. Xxxxx

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you're going to keep blogging! Change is good. It's rejuvenating and necessary I think - even though scary at times. I look forward to the new blog on Word Press, and I'll be praying for you that whatever other changes you're making in life will all work out well for you!

  4. sounds ewxciting. good luck. looking forward to seeing you there.

  5. Great news ! Have a awesome time with your daughter ( & friend ) Look forward to the new blog ! ����

  6. Hope third time is a charm on posting a comment since I keep getting a message that comments are not available. I'm glad you're starting a new blog and I'll watch for it. Have fun with Katie and her friend.


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