Sunday, July 14, 2019

Thoughts on a Sunday Morning and Excursion in Franklin, TN

Well, the above is about to happen soon.  I was thinking August but I need to check and see.  Can't miss that!  

You can see "Itty Bitty Kitty".  I touched her yesterday to pet her while she ate and she flew off the porch so fast.  George touched her ear.  However, she is more brave.  We will have to work at being able to pet her.  She will be loved so much if she will just let us. 

Max Lucado is coming out with a new book.  I'll get this in audio form if they have it when it comes out.  Marking my calendar for September.  I think it will be a good one to read.  It's a subject matter that I have been working on this year.  As you know...I found my Dad's "Key to Happiness" in his Bible.  And I also wrote out my "Joy Indicator" on a sliding scale - as "Being More Content" was one of my goals this year.  But goals must be measurable so I had to create a scale, lol.  So I am happy to say that most of the time I've been about a 7 "Finding some joy and focusing on happy things, and sharing joy with others".   (To be a 6 would be recognizing some joy but not sharing with others. And an 8 would be Feeling highly satisfied and organized and able to share.)  Remember this was my JOY-a meter and not anyone elses.  Mine is my own relative scale based on (mood, feelings, the way of my persona, etc.).  Yours might be different.   So I'm anxious to hear what he has to say.

I guess I'm kinda going through a mid-life crisis right now.  Just trying to figure out a few things.  My soul is really sceaming out on a few things.  I just need some answers.  I am excited to have a few BHAG's left - Big Hairy Audacious Goals!  Just not sure how to work it all in and the timing.  But since God leads the steps I don't necessarily have to have ALL the answers.  But I do need to sit down and do a mid-year RE-planning session.  To review my 2019 goals and make adjustments or realign.  Something happened this year in my thinking.  The limits I had set for myself opened up and I realized things do not have to be set in a certain way, you can shake them up, you can BE YOU, You ARE ENOUGH, and I'm back to realizing that the world CAN BE an open place for me to do and try some new things for my life.  That is when I took on the thought about the RV'ing.  Of course George is not as radical in his thinking.  The idea of waking up in different places for an extended amount of time and exploring our world just makes me want to hyperventilate with excitement.  We may not have limits for ourselves, but God does set some limits on our marriages, lol.  So if we both don't want to do this - I should probably not do this own my own.  Although I have entertained the thought.  George was none too happy about it.  So I will most likely succumb to his wishes - lol. 
Still - it does give me JOY to realize that we absolutely DO NOT have to stick to the limits our brain and our predecessors have assigned us to.  We CAN do things differently and not be stuck in the same ruts.

We had a little excursion yesterday.  We went to The Bottle Shop in Franklin, Cool Springs area.  We love going there and doing the wine tastings and then we buy a few bottles for our stash at home.  Yesterday they had cava/champagne/rose - 4 pack, plus a spritzer. 

While there I saw this beer. lol  Just liked the name mostly.  "I'm on a Boat" by Monday Night Brewing is just fun to me. Didn't get it.  I'm trying not to have a beer unless it's light.  Really trying to get at my goals.

The Bottle Shop, Franklin, TN

The clouds built up all around us but I don't think it ever rained where we were. 

Then we headed over to Connor's Seafood.   We met our friends there for dinner.  Had a great time!  

 George got some oysters.

The Sangria was just like I like it. 

And I had Prime Rib - oh my gosh it was good.  

So it was all very good.  I like my steak "medium".  It's not rare.  lol 

Anyway, we are off to take some supplies to church this morning for the back to school needs and then to go take Mom out for lunch for her birthday.  

I hope everyone has a lovely day.  


  1. Hmm, is "I'm on a boat" a reference to those Old Spice ads?

    I loved those ads so much, very funny. :)

  2. your excursion looked like fun and dinner was mouthwatering. hope your mom has a great birthday.

  3. That sounds like a fun day. I hope your mom had a happy birthday. Who knows, maybe one day George will change his mind about the RV'ing. I love cloud pictures.


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